Waringa Takes On the Grégoire Besson Brand

Waringa Distribution is excited to bring the renowned Grégoire Besson brand to customers in 2023, announcing an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia.

Grégoire Besson, a brand of the GB Group and based in France, is a global manufacturer of high-quality cultivation, tillage, and soil preparation machinery, designed to improve soil productivity efficiently and sustainably.

We are extremely excited to grow the Waringa brand with Grégoire Besson. Our customers expect the best, and the Grégoire Besson Brand is well-known and regarded by farmers globally for its strength, versatility, and high level of performance.

There has been strong demand from our dealers and customers for premium cultivation equipment, and following extensive market research, we are confident that Grégoire Besson will not only meet but exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

GB Distribution Signing

The range to be distributed by Waringa includes the versatile Normandie Speed Tiller for fast stubble tillage and soil structuring, the Voyager Semi-Mounted Plough for precise ploughing in larger paddocks and sloped land, and the Explor Disc Harrow specifically designed for land clearing and deep ploughing in heavy or very dry soils.

Waringa will also offer the Discordon One-Pass Finisher which removes stubble, decompacts soil, mulches and reconsolidates all in a single pass, and the Helios Duo Mounted Sub-Soiler for soil restructuring that loosens compacted soil without mixing soil layers or disturbing the soil horizon.

Sam added that the range provides a variety of configurable options suitable for all farm sizes and terrains, and the addition of the Grégoire Besson brand brings together all of Waringa’s existing product lines.

President of the GB Group, Patrick Besson said Grégoire Besson is looking forward to having Waringa distribute their products in Australia.

Over the years, in all continents the expansion of Grégoire-Besson has always happened in the same way; listening to the agronomic needs of farmers, adapting the soil engaged machines to local conditions, and ensuring a high-quality service through a professional network of importers and dealers.

Normandie Range in Action


The Grégoire Besson range is available for order for the 2023 season. Contact Waringa for more product information or view the range here.

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