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Tiller Ag Group Customer Delivery
Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial: Tiller Ag Group

“For our expanding operation the capacity is a big plus. Also, the tandem sprung axles with rear steering axle is great in rougher paddocks and does not chew up the paddock on tight corners. It is a well built and finished machine.”

Felton Farms AS2150T Handover
Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial: Andrew Caldwell, Moora WA

“With the spreader’s ease of use, you could have anyone driving it! The ISOBUS screen is also very easy to navigate. And having the larger spreader, we are achieving more in the day, so our productivity has improved.”

AgriSpread 2120 Jason Pymer Testimonial
Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial: Jason Pymer Wonwondah, VIC

“The Agri-Spread AS2120 is well-built and easy to operate, and the accuracy is amazing! Right from the first paddock the rate was perfect and spread pattern spot on.”

Peter Schirmer Testimonial
Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial: Peter Schirmer, Freeling SA

“Our old linkage spreader used to take 17 fills to cover our land and was typically a 2-person job. With Agri-Spread it is now 3.5-4 fills and a single person operation to fill and spread.”

Nick Redden Agri-Spread Testimonial
Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial: Nick Redden, Narromine NSW

“Technology has changed greatly, with the spreader providing more consistent spread, accurate scales and better clearance.The spread width has allowed us to be more time efficient with greater accuracy.”