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Precision Spreading Equipment

Agri-Spread has an advanced range of precision spreaders capable of spreading a wide range of materials including fertiliser, lime, gypsum & manure.

Haulmaster Chaser Bins & Transfer Track

The Elmer’s Manufacturing range includes the high-capacity, technologically advanced Haulmaster Chaser Bin & innovative Transfer Tracks.

Precision Seeding Equipment

Equalizer’s precision seeding equipment range includes tine seeder bars & air carts with a variety of options tested & proven in Australian conditions.

Rock Removal & Bale Equipment

Highline Manufacturing specialises in premium & extremely durable rock removal, bale handling and bale processing equipment. 

Premium Cultivation Equipment

Grégoire Besson manufactures premium cultivation, tillage & soil preparation equipment with exclusive features & technology for high-performance.

TruFlex Header Fronts

COMING SOON! An all-round header front, the TruFlex adapts perfectly to paddock conditions to maximise yields utilising draper belts for consistent crop flow.

Voyager C80 Plough

Grégoire Besson Tillage and Cultivation Equipment Now Available at Waringa

Great news for farmers! Grégoire Besson tillage and cultivation equipment has arrived at Waringa. This highly reputable brand manufactured in France is known for its commitment to delivering increasingly efficient and innovative agricultural machinery and their partnership with Waringa brings exciting prospects for farmers in Australia seeking to enhance their farming practices.

Grégoire Besson’s equipment offers advanced features designed to maximize efficiency and productivity, ensuring optimal soil preparation for crop growth. Whether you have a small family farm or a large commercial operation, Grégoire Besson offers equipment to suit your specific needs.

To learn more about the Grégoire Besson range at Waringa, view their product range below. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay at the forefront of agricultural innovation and drive your farm towards success in 2023 and beyond.

Equalizer Logo

World-class seeding machines

Founded in South Africa, Equalizer has produced world-class seeding machines for over 20 years, specialising in larger broadacre equipment. The range includes Tine Seeders, Disc Seeders, Tow-behind and Tow-between Air Carts.  

These machines have been tested and proven in Australian conditions, with the Tine Seeder bar suited to a variety of soil and stubble conditions, these products are built to last and are extremely durable.

Incorporated into the Equalizer Tine Seeder unit is a quick seed depth adjustment clip offering 9 settings, including a semi-independent break away on tines whereby a tine can trip without changing the seed depth or the press wheel downforce. Other features of the tine seeder bar include; single/double chute seed boot options, in-frame wheels for straight-line tracking, Domex steel throughout and 10mm thick frame, metric sizes 8m, 12m, 15m, 18m and 24m​, single/paired row seed boots, and liquid placement behind tine and on top of the seed.

Equalizer Air Carts have cradles for individual bins and are designed to allow for standard ‘Digi-Star’ load cells, with readings appearing instantly on ISOBUS-compatible screens. The cells give the operator the ability to auto-calibrate or adjust seeding rates from the cabin during full operation. The cart boasts a self-cleaning roller design, where one roller does a variety of crops by altering the speed. The polyethylene tanks are also suitable for liquid as well as granular fertiliser. Equalizer Air Carts range in size from 12,000 – 22,000L.

To learn more about the Equalizer range, click the link below.

Equalizer 12000V Tine Seeder