New RR4300 Rock Rake from Highline Manufacturing

Released last year, the new Highline Manufacturing RR4300 Rock Rake is the perfect partner to the popular NT Rock Picker.

The RR4300 Rock Rake “rakes” rocks into narrow rows which can then be picked up with the Highline NT78/60 Rock Picker, resulting in more rocks removed from a larger area in less time. 

As a stand-alone unit, the Rock Rake can keep moving while the Rock Picker is stopped to unload. The machine has a working width of 4.1m with an adjustable raking angle between 10-30 degrees, and up and down positioning options to suit ground conditions. The rake’s rotor has hard surfaced teeth that are reversible, replaceable, and built to withstand the harshest environments. The Rock Rake is also easy to transport with a hydraulic switch to change between transport and work mode.

Check out the video below of the Rock Rake in action!

Highline Manufacturing is a Canadian based manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in rock removal equipment, and one of Waringa Distribution’s most recent partnerships. Waringa became the Australia-wide distributor of Highline Manufacturing’s products in 2020.

Highline are industry-leading in rock removal equipment with the NT Rock Picker and their newest addition, the 4300 Rock Rake, proven to be extremely durable and perform exceptionally well in the harshest conditions. Our customers are impressed with the strength, build quality, and simplicity of Highline’s premium products.

If you’re wanting a faster and simpler way to clear rocks, contact your nearest Highline Dealer about the RR4300 Rock Rake! Stock is AVAILABLE NOW for immediate delivery. Locate your nearest dealer here.

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