Increase Floatation & Reduce Compaction with Elmer’s Transfer Tracks

Reducing compaction and resistance of your equipment can help to improve soil penetration and water infiltration, increase your yields, and lower your fuel consumption.

By swapping your tyres to Elmer’s Manufacturing Transfer Tracks, you can achieve up to 3 times more floatation across a range of compatible equipment. Transfer Tracks are available in 30” & 36” track sizes, fit a wide range of 10 bolt hubs, and can be transferred to your existing equipment with ease.

Elmers Transfer Tracks


More Floatation


Ground Pressure Reduction


Less Soil Compaction


Improved Water Infiltration

*Based on Camso Research

Increase Floatation

Based on Camso Research and field testing conducted by Elmer’s Manufacturing, Transfer Tracks offer 3 times more floatation compared to 900/60R32 Hi-Floatation wheels, resulting in 20% less soil compaction and 53% ground pressure reduction

This leads to improved soil penetration for more uniform seed depth placement and increases water infiltration to develop a healthier root system. All these factors can create a stronger crop with better yields.

Save on Fuel with Less Resistance

Transfer Tracks have also been shown to lower fuel consumption by reducing the pulling resistance on your implement. 

Tracks “float” on top of the soil with a lower rolling resistance, so require less horsepower from the tractor to pull. Transfer Tracks are uniquely designed with hydraulic tensioning to maintain alignment with pivoting mid rollers to help distribute weight, making for a smoother ride.

Elmer's 36T Haulmaster Single Axle with Transfer Tracks

Transferability for Year-Round Use

The adaptability of Transfer Tracks allows for quick change over between equipment. Tracks can be transferred in 30 minutes with basic tools and a forklift and fit a range of 10 bolt hubs barring the existing equipment has the required strength and operating clearance. Use Transfer Tracks on your air cart in Autumn and chaser bin during harvest!

*Whilst Transfer Tracks is known to fit most standard 10 bolt AG hubs, some equipment may require small or large modifications to allow Transfer Tracks to fit. Contact us to discuss your options.

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