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NT60/78 Rock Pickers

Highline Manufacturing are industry-leading in rock removal equipment.

Hydraulically driven, extremely durable, and user-friendly, the NT Rock Picker is designed for simplicity and to perform in the toughest conditions. Combined with the RR4300 Rock Rake, rock removal can be even simpler, as rocks can be raked into narrow rows prior to picking.
Product Range

NT Rock Picker, Rock Solid

The Highline Rock Picker is available in two capacity options and can pick rocks up to 61cm in diameter.

The Rock Picker has a unique box frame construction designed with minimal moving parts and extremely durable components, to ensure machine longevity for all your rock picking needs.

Highline NT78 Rock Picker
Picking width of 1.98m
2.56m3 capacity
Highline NT60 Rock Picker
Picking width of 1.52m
1.97m3 capacity
Key Features

Fast & Efficient Rock Removal

The Highline NT Rock Picker is equipped with industry exclusive features for simple and efficient rock removal. 

The Rock Picker is hydraulically driven with industry-exclusive unique coil springs which provide uniform loading over the entire reel. 

Rock Picker Hydrualic Reel Control

The Rock Picker’s hydraulically driven gearbox ensures large oil bathed gears set the reel at the precisely desired speed.

The hydraulic drive also provides flexibility and simplicity when operating the reel.

Highline NT78 Rock Picker

The picking action is guided by bogie wheels which allows the reel to travel parallel to the ground surface, lifting and pulling the rocks towards the apron, rather than pushing down on the rocks.

The guided reel delivers the rocks to the centre of the bucket, and follows the same contour as the apron.

NT78 Rock Picker
Exclusive to the industry, a coil spring provides uniform loading over the reel operating range, combined with compact mounting to protect from damage.

The springs are replaceable with a simple threaded bolt to apply or remove spring tension.

Rock Picker Tines

The Picker tines are hard surfaced on both the top and bottom leading edges for maximum durability.

Tines follow the reel which aids in lifting the rocks whilst allowing dirt to fall through.

Exclusive Feature

High-Lift Design

The Highline Rock Picker features an exclusive high-lift design which enables rocks to be unloaded directly into a trailer and allows for higher, more compact piles.

The Rock Picker has unloading height of up to 2.13m.

Rock Picker High-Lift in Action
Highline NT78 Rock Picker
Exclusive Feature

Two-Position Hitch

The rock picker additionally has a two-position hitch design which moves the machine into full view of the operator with the entire picking width outside the tractor tracks.

For transport, the rock picker is moved directly behind the tractor with a self-locking hitch which is automatically engaged in this position.

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