Explor Disc Harrow

The Explor Disc Harrow provides deep soil penetration and burial for clearing rhizome crops and for deep ploughing in heavy or dry soils.

With a variety of disc options and a robust frame design, the Explor is adapted for extreme conditions. The discs give deep soil penetration and sufficient burial with rapid soil breakdown, and are treated to increase resistance and durability on abrasive soils to minimise wear. 


Product Range

Explor Range

The Explor can  be used for deep tillage in extreme conditions such as heavy or very dry soils with a range of 10 to 22 discs to suit your needs.

Explor T80 Disc Harrow

Working width 2.8m – 4.8m
Tractor power 310hp – 400hp

Explor T90 Disc Harrow

Working width 3.3m – 5.3m
Tractor power 400hp – 600hp

Key Features

Land Clearing & Deep Tillage

The Explor is a machine is built and tested in extreme terrain and plant conditions. Its imposing structure is a guarantee of solidity and durability. Machined bearings are double tapered with 6 seals to guarantee a long service life despite rough conditions.

Explor Depth Control

The working depth can be adjusted via the angle of the disc tracks. Just a few adjustments to the mechanical tie-rod changes the Explor working depth and pull-out capacity.

If you want to control the aggressivity of your discs while working superficially, you can adjust the depth using the stop on the axle adjustable cylinder.

Explor Suspension Axle

Nitrogen cylinders provide suspension to the wheel axle and limits the tractor coupling load to improve comfort in the cab.

This also increases the life of your equipment.

Explor On-Board Spanner

An on-board spanner is included and stored on the machine to change the discs.

It is a 91 mm wide hexagonal nut, fitted on the chassis with an extra long length, for even more tightening power.

Explor notched discs allow for deep soil penetration and sufficient burial to ensure rapid soil breakdown and enrichment.

Discs are treated to increase resistance and durability in rocky and abrasive soils to significantly minimise wear.

Explor Wheel Scrapers

Fitted as standard, scrapers enable work in very wet conditions and sticky soils.

They scrape the soil surplus and vegetable residues which remain stuck to the discs.

Exclusive Feature

Disc Gang & Angle Adjustment

The Explor Disc Harrow’s heavy-duty disc gangs are designed to deal with rocks, holes and plants. Square shaped and between 50 to 60 mm wide, the shafts drive all the discs at the same time.

Working depth and pull-out capacity is adjusted simply and reliably using the mechanical tie-rods.

Explor T90 Gang Angle Adjustment
Explore T80 Disc Harrow

Exclusive Feature

Drawbar Angle Adjustment & Traction Optimisation

Using the hydraulic adjustment cylinder, the drawbar angle can be corrected from the cab to continuously optimise traction and keep the Explor in line with the tractor. 

Two elastomer washers at the drawbar head provides flexibility between the Explor chassis and the tractor hitch, and do not require any maintenance.

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The LIMITED STOCK will be available in 2023. More information will be available soon. Please contact us for product enquiries.