Accuracy in seed & fertiliser placement critical for maximising yields

The seeding season is fast approaching and there are still many unprecedented challenges affecting machinery imports worldwide. Fortunately, Waringa Distribution has limited stock of Equalizer Tine Seeders available now with guaranteed delivery for the upcoming seeding season.

With the high costs of seed and inputs in the seeding process, accuracy in seed placement for germination and harnessing the available soil moisture is critical for maximising the return in yields. Equalizer Tine Seeders have a variety of options to suit your specific soil needs for accurate and precise seed depth control and optimal fertiliser placement.

Founded in South Africa, Equalizer has produced world-class seeding machinery for over 20 years. These machines have been tested and proven in Australia’s unique sowing conditions, are built to last and are extremely durable. Waringa General Manager Sam Abbott says he is excited to be working with the Equalizer team to supply quality seeding products in Australia.

24000VX Tine Seeder

Waringa has played a key role in the testing and development of the Equalizer 24m Tine Seeder bar. This unit has been utilised in our farming operations, rigorously tested throughout this process, and continues to exceed our expectations each year.

The Seeder Frame

The Tine Seeder bar is available in widths of 9m, 12m, 18m and 24m, in 273mm or 300mm tine spacing depending on the bar width, with large in-frame floatation wheels for better straight-line tracking.

“The strength and durability of the bar comes from the use of Domex steel throughout the tine units and a 10mm thick frame.”

In addition, the tine units include a semi-independent break away action whereby the tine can trip without changing the seed depth or the press wheel downforce. When a large obstacle is encountered, the entire tine unit trips to avoid damage with a built-in dampener to allow for the controlled return of the tine.

Fertiliser & Seed Placement

The fertiliser and seed placement operate between two semi-independent parts of the tine unit. The granular fertiliser tube is placed behind the knife to protect it from oncoming obstacles and positions the fertiliser below the seed bed at a depth of 150mm for maximum effect. Liquid fertiliser application is also offered and can be deposited in front of the fertiliser tube or behind the seed boot.

Equalizer have also developed a unique system to allow for finite adjustments in seed depth, all at the touch of the spring loaded, depth adjustment clip.

“Changing the seed depth requires minimal to no tools with 9 adjustment settings. It’s an extremely straightforward yet accurate system.”

Equalizer Quick Seed Depth Adjustment
Equalizer Press Wheel Options

Tine Knives & Press Wheels

“Choosing the right tine knife point is key to achieving the correct soil penetration and disturbance, opening the furrow, and accurate placement of the fertiliser.”

Equalizer offer 4 alternative knife points that cater for varying soil conditions and accurate seed placement.

Having the correct press wheel is as important as choosing the right tine knife. Press wheel soil closure is an important part of the seeding process to firm up the furrow, leave a clean finish and maximise soil to seed contact. There are 2 factory press wheel options: Narrow 70mm Solid Flat Rounded wheels & Wide 150mm Flat Wedge for sandy/cultivated soils.

With so many options available to suit your soil needs, there’s an Equalizer Seeder for every farming operation!

Contact Waringa Distribution to find your nearest dealer and secure your Equalizer Tine Seeder with guaranteed delivery for seeding.

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