Waringa Introduces Huge 63T Haulmaster Chaser Bin

Waringa Distribution is excited to announce the addition of a new 63T fixed track model to the range for harvest in 2022 to meet the need for greater capacity.

The 63T is the largest chaser bin in the Elmer’s Haulmaster range offering an additional 13% load capacity and utilises Elmer’s exclusive fixed track undercarriage for increased floatation and reduced soil compaction. The tracks are also designed for low maintenance with oil bath hubs and minimal grease points, and are tensioned hydraulically for better tracking.

The 63T model includes all the unique features in the Haulmaster range, most notably Elmer’s custom designed, direct-drive Powermaster gearbox. The Powermaster gearbox eliminates belts and drive chains to maximise grain flow efficiency and increase auger output capacity for more efficient unloading.

As a result, Haulmaster chaser bins have an emptying speed of up to 18T per minute.

63T Haulmaster

The Haulmaster range is also available with the optional Haulmaster Connect wireless scale system  and Haulmaster Pro hydraulic joystick control system designed by Elmer’s to maximise productivity and unloading efficiency. Using the joystick, the operator has maximum control over the chaser bin and can easily fold/unfold the auger with a quick double tap and operate the proportional 4-way spout.

The Haulmaster Connect system offers in-depth load tracking based on crop type, paddock, truck, and bin, and has direct scale connection for more accurate loads.

An auto-unload function, where you simply enter the required unload weight, is another stand out feature of the software. The auger gates will automatically close once the weight limit is reached to eliminate any guesswork. This has been extensively tested here in WA with Waringa General Manager Sam Abbott happy to report an extremely high accuracy rate that meets the road transport safe loading practices.

Dandaragan Farmer David Brown purchased an Elmer’s Haulmaster chaser bin with the Haulmaster Pro and Haulmaster Connect system and was impressed at how easily the technology has helped streamline his harvesting operations.

The whole machine works off this joystick. Quick unloading, quick turnarounds, stable platform, it makes the job much easier. The scale feature has been one of the most positive features of the bin, they are so accurate and gives up to date yield information. You know exactly what you are doing all the time.

With the introduction of the new 63T model, there is now a Haulmaster axle system and capacity option to fit all farming terrain and operations. The Elmer’s Haulmaster range is also available in 30T and 36T single axle wheels or Transfer Tracks, 30T, 36T and 41T tandem axle, and 46T and 55T on fixed tracks. 

Check out the video of the Haulmaster’s pivoting auger & spout!

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